I grew up in Wisconsin waterskiing on the local lakes, that is where the boat repair and transporting began. We towed are boats all over the state testing our skills, and wipeouts, on all the local lakes.  After college came the move to the island of Key West. I immediately got into fishing and diving, of course, and it went wild from there. I became a commercial fisherman, charter fisherman, commercial diver, dive boat captain, tug boat captain, marine mechanic, boat transporter, marine consultant and the list goes on. I owned a charter fishing business for the last 25 yrs, and let me tell you, that will test your marine skills daily haha. Over the last 30 years I have gained countless hours of experience thru trial and error and can assure that you are in great hands. The main business practice, in every business I have had, is always stick to providing the best customer service and great communication which makes the process much less stressful for everyone. Things go wrong, plans change, weather changes, machinery breaks but through it all I will give you the guarantee I will try my best. I have lots of good stories. Ask all the questions you like advice is always free.

Call today and lets get you on the water.